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March 11, 2020
Why is this Community of Interest being born?
When I worked as a Scrum Master I was the person introducing Scrum & Agile into the department. There was no one else there to bounce ideas off of and learn from. I went to meetups to gain new ideas, yet I had no/little influence on the topics so I was still left unsure about some of my challenges. Eventually I gained connections to mentors, but I've always wished there was an easier and quicker way.

Now, about 10 years later, I am a father, making joining meetups more of a challenge. We moved country, and while I'm making new connections in Portugal, my connections to people in London are changing, and I continue to grow connections around the globe, many I only get to see at events though.

My conviction that every team has the birthright to be a dream team as only grown over the years. I know that every team has genius. The Romans thought of “genius” as a creative force that every person has. In the context of the team, it’s the creative combination of each team member’s genius.

Allowing each teams' genius to be unlocked requires pursuit of Team Craft, Product Craft, and Leadership Craft (more on these here). While we may use different words to describe this, I know that there are those who share my belief.

There's a lot to learn, a lot to know, a lot to practice, and a lot to try. This is the work, our work. Establishing a forum for those devoted to this pursuit ought to ease the work.

The Team Genius Community of Interest serves all those of you who share this belief and devotion. As a community we gather during the day. Our community meetings are a place of learning and sharing, of connecting and growing, of support and progress. These are all vital aspects of improving our joint abilities of serving the teams we serve.

How does it work?
If you feel the above resonates with you, I cordially invite you to join us. The only investment required is your time and engagement.

The community meetings are done online using Zoom. They are very interactive. They are part of your work. They will not be recorded.

What do the meetings cover?
Community members can request topics, and upvote other people's request on a community Trello board. If they wish, requestors can pair with me in the hosting of the community meeting that covers their topic.

When do we meet?
Community meetings happen once most weeks (2-4 times per month) at different days and times, to allow different schedules.

Why do I need to join the community to join the meetings?
The community is the grouping of our tribe, it supports our connection. The meetings are our tribe's gatherings. If you seek such community, you're welcome.

Can I just get a write-up or recording or the meetings?
No, not like that, and not as non-members. Community members can exchange reflections inside the community and share their impressions with each other, and those members who could not join a community meeting. Community meetings are not recorded.

How can you join the community and meetings?
In this post for members you can find schedule details and board joining instructions. To become a member simply click the "Get access" button.

I hope to see you on the inside soon! Please share this with your connections you think this might also resonate with.

Best wishes,

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